Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Japanese Skin Care Tips

Everyone wants to know about the secrets of Japanese skin care because of the youthful skin complexion and texture of the skin. We rarely meet a Japanese person with dull dry skin. What are the skin care regimen do they follow to keep their skin so clear and youthful. Whether they take care of their skin or just they have the genes which take care of their skin’s health for them.

I suppose that they do not have genetically superior skin quality because they do have of the range of skin care products they manufacture and market. If the secrete of their skin is the products they produce and use, then what are the secrets of their products. One more important part of skin care is the nutrition. Is there any secret in their dietary habits which make their skin have a healthy glow.

It is hard to say whether their have superior skin quality naturally as a race or this is due to the traditional skin care regime they followed thousands of years. Their dietary habits also help them to keep their skin flawless. As for their skin products are concerned, they use very expensive and effective ingredients in their skin care products. They are able to use these expensive ingredients as these are naturally available in Japan and are cheap.

We all know that diet and lifestyle plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy and youthful. Japanese eat high fiber foods including vegetables, fish, rice and many types of sea foods. Their diets are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. They also consume lot of nuts and seeds which are known to be very beneficial for the beauty of the skin.

The age old Japanese homemade skincare regime they follow also plays an important role in keeping their skin healthy. For exfoliation they use rice barn with adzuki beans. They also use clays rich in minerals, herbs powder and dried sea vegetables powder very effectively. For moisturization Japanese use jojoba oil and camellia oil along with apple cider vinegar.

Consumption of herbal teas which are famous in Japan is also an important part of their skincare regimen. Most importantly, seaweed called Wakame kelp which is part of their diet is responsible for their flawless skin. Today extract from Wakame is widely and effectively used in lotions for skincare.

These are the secrets of Japanese skincare helping them to have such a youthful and flawless skin everyone in other parts of the world is crazy about

Friday, August 7, 2009

Acne Skin Care Is Different

The regimen one would use to care for an acne prone skin is different from normal skin care. Cleansing method of different types of skin depends on the demands of the skin type. And when you are suffering from acne, you skin care especially facial skin care always should be different from that of your friend who seldom suffers from acne.

As sweating leaves your skin most and oily, you need to wash your face immediately using gentle soap. This should be done immediately after sweating to stop clogging of pores due to the dust which settles easily on oily skin after sweating and oil production.

While washing your face you need be as gentle as if washing your new born baby. You should not uses any harsh soaps or scrubs on your face. Using your hands, especially fingers to wash your face. Using warm water helps the pores to open up and get rid of the dust particles easily. After washing your face, use the same warm water to rinse the face. If you have oily face, normally you also have oily scalp with oily hair. Shampoo regularly to keep the hair soft and silky devoid of oil.

After washing your skin especially the facial skin, you need to use different skin care products from that of normal skin care. Like I said earlier, acne skin care should be as gentle as that of baby's skin. So avoid using skin creams which are greasy and that which contain harsh chemical. Do not use exfoliates and other abrasive agents which will increase the chances of acne. If you are undergoing treatment for acne, avoid using any type of skin cream other than that are prescribed by your dermatologist.

Everyone knows that picking or squeezing your pimple is not good for your acne skin care, but often we cannot resist the temptation to squeeze the pimple especially when pus is formed and trying to push it out. If you cannot stop the temptation to pick the acne, you need to follow the proper sterile methods to pop your pimple.

Acne skin care also demands that you wear makeup which is devoid of oily products. Makeup products which are natural and soft on your skin is recommended for acne prone skin. If you are having very sensitive acne skin, then the skin care is much important to be careful not to damage your skin exacerbating the acne problem.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Nonsurgical Natural Face Lift Methods.

Facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to reduce wrinkles and eliminate signs of aging in the face. Facelift improve the overall appearance of the face and jaw area. Face lift surgery can help reverse the harmful effects of time, stress, and the elements.

Face lift is an extensive and expensive procedure and for this reason many people prefer not to get a facelift surgically. There are many methods of natural nonsurgical facelifts. These methods include both facial exercises and skin care. Other than these two methods restylane injections are also considered to be natural facelift method because Restylane is a gel made from hyaluronic acid which is derma filler and is naturally present in our skin. Facelift with Restylane injections is called lunch time facelift because it takes just 30 minutes to get a facelift with these injections.

Other than these there are nonsurgical facelift procedures which are skin tightening procedures, and the two most popularly known procedures are Thermage and Titan. There are home recipes aviable as natural nonsurgical method of facelift. Face massage and facial exercises aer also considered to be effective methods of natural facelift and there is Indian face massage which is a gentle noninvasive way of anti-aging method.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Do I Think Organic Moisturizer Is Best

People often ask me to say what moisturizer type I would call best moisturizer. For me like many other skin care products, moisturizer with no hard chemical ingredients in it is a best moisturizer. Moisturization is caused by water not chemicals and other ingredients are used to retain the moisturizing affect and taking care of general skin care. Therefore the main task of a moisturizer is to maintain adequate mositure content in the skin. You don't have to be unfair to your skin using products with chemicals just to maintain the water content of your skin..

Skin care with moisturizers also come with additional benefits containing ingredients for proper growth of the collagen and elastin keeping your skin young and firm. Moisturizer which can protect you from free radicals that are generated by exposure to sun due to the ultraviolet rays. Hence with these qualities a simple act of using moiturizer can work as anti-aging skin care.

Oil is used in moisturizers to retain the moisture it them and in the skin after their usage. But when you have an oily skin which at the first place produces more oil using a moisturizer which has less oil content and more of water based creams. White you need to used water based moisturizers for oily skin, a dry skin needs moisturizer with more oil content as it lacks the natural capacity to retain moisture. Like you can get suitable moisturizers with balanced ingredients to sensitive red skin and quite a normal skin.

Though they have extra benefits, moisturizers' main task is to keep your skin moisturized and hence using one with harsh chemicals in it is not wise. For this reason, there are many natural organic based are available and are considered the best type of moisturizers. The natural organic moisturizers contain natural ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, avocado oil, babussa oil and more.

Many friends of mine who are beauticians and skin care experts not only recommend natural organic moisturizers and skin care products, they are slowly replacing the chemical based skin care products with these for their personal use.

The Best Way To Use Moisturizers

Using moisturizers is one of the important routines of skin care to maintain a young and glowing skin, but what is the best way to use moisturizers and which are the areas of primary importance for moisturization. It is important to know why and when to use moisturizer and when using it is prudent to know the quantity and the quality you need to used. Over using moisturizer even on a dry skin often results in dust particles adhering to the skin and clogging the sweat pores resulting in infections.

The areas you need to concentrate while skin care are generally your foreheads, nose, and cheeks. These areas would either be more oily or dry than other parts of your face depending on the skin type you have.

Using body lotions with moisturizing effects to the entire body is okay, but with regards to your face you need to take care of moisturizing it by selecting the suitable type and brand of moisturizer depending on your skin type and your skin condition. For examples there are moisturisers available for red and sensitive skin with soothing effects and ingredients suitable for very sensitive skin. You should also know that you cannot use heavy moisturizer meant for dry skins on sensitive skin type.

You need to know what is the correct quantity of moisturizer to be used as moisturizer usage changes with seasons as oily skin tend to become dry in winter and needs a different moisturizer from that used in summer months. This is true with other type of skins. Even the normal skin becomes dry in winter months.

So the best way to use a moisturizer is to know your skin type first and know how your skin feels in different seasons. Accordingly you can properly use moisturizer depending on what your skin actually demands generally depending on its type and particularly on the seasonal changes.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Skin Care Lotions

Regular usage of body lotions is one of the important parts of the skin care regime. Lotions are used for better nourishment of the skin and are available specifically designed to suit different types of skin like normal, dry, and oily skin. Lotions are basically skin care preparations which are very thin to medium thick in viscosity while creams are thick in viscosity.

Lotions seldom contain medicinal properties in them unless specifically mentioned. Lotions are used mainly for nourishment and softening of the skin giving it a glow. There are also lotions which can be used by people with any type of skin after bath and are popularly know as bath lotions.

Other than normal lotions which are used just for softening and nourishing the skin there are also lotions which act like delivery system for medicines such as anti acne agents which are popularly known as anti acne lotions, antibiotics, antiseptics etc. Lotions are also used in massage therapy.

It is very important to know your need and type of your skin before selecting the lotion you want to buy.

Types Of Skin Care Body Lotions.

Bath Lotion
Bath lotions are essentially used after taking bath or shower. Bath lotions are also available with medicinal properties if you require so. These bath lotions replace essential oils and keep the skin smooth and glowing. Bath lotions are helps in preserve the skin moisture. Applying bath lotion with a slight massaging effect after taking bath removes the wrinkles which formed after being in or under water for a long time. The slight massaging effect to the skin also energies the skin and makes it glow.

Body Lotion
Body lotions are used for the whole body and are popular for their nourishing effect and aromatherapy benefits with scented body lotions. These body lotions also come with sunscreen properties. There are also anti-aging body lotions available in the market. People with dry skin love the immediate moisturizing effect which the dry skin body lotion provides and also the aromatherapy and refreshing effect s that the scented body lotions provides.

Hand Lotion
Hand lotions are specifically designed for the regular usage for providing instant relief to the working hands. Continuous working sometimes makes the hands dry and also the skin strained. Prolonged usage of water gives your hands wrinkle. Using your hands on hard surfaces and lifting heavy objects makes your hand dry and the skin stressed. Hand lotions are used for moisturizing and massage effect to the hands and glowing of the skin. Using hand lotions after continuous physical work like gardening, cooking, painting, cleaning, washing, etc is important part of the skin care of your hands

Baby Lotion
As the name suggest, this type of lotions are prepared carefully for the delicate skin of the babies. Baby lotions are prepared using natural organic ingredients keeping in mind the delicate skin of the baby. Baby lotions are also used by people with delicate sensitive skin and parts of the body where the skin is delicate.

Tanning Lotion The Most Popular Lotion
Body lotions also come with sunscreen to protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the skin. These body lotions are generally used after swimming. In contrast tanning lotions contains ingredients which increase the effect of ultraviolet light and ingredients which produce melanin. There are indoor tanning lotions lotions which are used indoors as they do not protect you from the harmful rays from the sun and usually works by producing more melanin.

Body Lotion Dispensers and Applicators

With the craze for body lotions increasing, dispensers and applicators for better application of lotions are available in market in various forms and prices. If possible chose a personally a dispenser which design seems to be quite suitable for your needs. Most often people buy these type of accessories in a hurry, that they seldom use these after buying.

Tanning lotions are popular because of the desire to change the color of the pale looking skin into deep dark tan. Traditionally, people used to take to the beaches for the tanning effect of the sun rays but as the sun rays are also harmful for the skin, indoor tanning creams have become popular in the modern days. Before using these lotions it is prudent to have enough knowledge about these lotions. You can visit indoor tanning lotion guide for more information and guidance about these lotions.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Fast

Acne and pimples are petty much the same. Acne is the medical term for pimple. Though both are same, pimple is commonly referred to occasionally appearance one or two solitary acne rather than a chronic problem. Because pimple is rather considered a simple problem unlike acne, the treatment to get rid of pimple is easy and different from that of acne.

Here is the steps you need to take to get pimples easily.

Stop! Don’t Pop Or Poke The Pimple

Pimple appears as a small bump at first and within a day it matures and become larger where you can see yellow pus appearing at the tip growing fast in size. You need to wait till the puss gets accumulated enough to a point where you feel pressure and know that the pimple is going to break open to release the pus. Do not… I repeat… do not poke to pus prematurely before the pus accumulates fully. Premature poking or squeezing of the pimple leads to further infection then though you got rid of the pimple you end up having a bad scar.

Control Pain and Infection:

Due to the infection and swelling and redness, there will be pain. You can use ice packs every half an hour holding it to about five minutes gives good relief and the swelling goes down.

Use Concealer To Cover The Pimple
Before getting rid of the pimple if you need to go out, use a flesh colored concealer.

Washing Your Face With Pimple Present

When there is a pimple present still not matured, you should take care not to accidentally rup and rupture the pimple while washing the face. You a soft anti acne soap and use a soft towel just patting on your face to remove the water.

Oil-Free Makeup When Pimple Is Present

Use oil free make up. Use anti-acne cleanser while removing the make up.

The steps given above will help you to control the pimple and live with it till it matures enough to break open. Place a Band-Aid on it when you feel that it is going to break. You can know the time of breakage with the pressure on your pimple and increased pain. The pain and pressure disappears once the pus comes out. Using a Band-aid will control the spreading of the infection due to pus. You can also speed up the process with a small surgical procedure to get rid of the pimple easily within a day.

The Easy Procedure To Get Rid of Pimple Immediately

To do this you have to wash your hands and face thoroughly. Take a sewing needle, surgical cotton or gauze, pure alcohol or what is called surgical spirit, and Band-aid to cover the pimple.

After washing your hands and face thoroughly, dry your face by patting your face with soft, dry and clean towel. Then apply a little rubbing alcohol on the pimple and dip the needle entirely into the alcohol solution. Let your fingers also get some alcohol on them.

Now slowly pinch the yellowish white part of the pimple a little. Take two pieces of surgical cotton or gauze and squeeze the pimple, the pus starts poring out wipe out the push using the cotton and continue squeezing till colorless liquid starts coming out tingled slightly with some blood. Wipe the pimple with surgical cotton dipped in the spirit. Now apply the band-aid to the pimple. Within a day the pimple will disappear.

This is the method which I applied to get rid of occasional pimple successfully. This is not a medical advice.

How To Get Clear Skin

To have a clear skin you have to follow a skin care regime that includes general skin care, specific skin care depending on your skin type, and skin care treating blemishes whatsoever you happen to develop.

As a general skin care for clear skin you have to follow the steps given here regularly.

  1. To make your skin breathe easily, you need to wash your face regularly especially immediately after getting out of bed and before going to bed. Depending on you skin type and weather conditions, you have to wash your face immediately when you feel that your skin is struggling to breathe. Washing your skin especially the exposed part is important part of general skin care. The number of times you wash your skin depends on the weather conditions, pollution, your working conditions etc but see that your skin breathes easily always

  2. Applying sunscreen especially when you have a light colored skin is important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays which can damage your skin. Using a moisturizer with SPF in it. SPF is degree of sunscreen protecting the skin from the direct sun rays. See to it that the moisturizer contains SPF of 15 or more especially if you have a light colored skin.

  3. Select a skin cleanser for regular usage with your skin type in mind. Gel type of cleanser is good for combination skin and normal skin types. For dry skin or a sensitive skin go for cream based cleanser.

  4. Picking and poking the pimples and squeezing them will result in greater damage and ugly scar. Avoid any type of poking or squeezing though you feel like doing it.

  5. Very importantly to have a clear skin, you need to have good night’s sleep at least eight hours a day. Stress is one of the major factors which are responsible for aging of the skin. Good sleep does help in managing stress.

Best Ways To Help Your Skin Become Clear

A healthy body is very important to have a healthy clear skin. If you are suffering from ill health no amount of skin care will make your skin look healthy. So regular exercise, healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle is very important to have a clear skin.

When you buy make-up removing kits for clear skin make sure you buy them for your skin type. Buying a reliable product when taking care of your skin is very important because sensitive skin reacts very badly when something is applied which it hates to have on it. Do not go for cheaper unreliable products, they may do more harm to your skin than any good.

Washing your face with clean and warm water is always good. Make sure you don’t use hard soaps if you have dry and sensitive skin. Washing your face with warm water before and using a cleanser and toner and moisturizer before applying make up is one good step to keep your skin clean. Similarly, after removing your make up, use toner and moisturizer.

More Tips For Clear Skin

  1. Keeping your hair clean and clear from dandruff and excessively oily to prevent your facial skin from becoming oil and develop acne.

  2. If you have dry skin exfoliate your skin once a week and for oily skin twice a week.

  3. Breaking into sweat will help your skin pores open up and clear your skin.

  4. Keep your makeup tools like brushes and sponges clean.

  5. Treat your face with mud pack once a week to relax the skin.

Home Remedies For Clear Skin

  1. Watch What You Eat: Like any other part of your body your skin also needs good food to be and look healthy. People with healthy eating habits are known to have smooth, soft, and healthy skin than those who harm their bodies by indulging in junk food and heavy alcohol. Eat a log of fruits and vegetables. In addition, hydrating your skin is very important for its health and softness, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

  2. For exfoliation of your skin you can use oatmeal mixed with water. Buy slowly scrubbing your skin you can remove dead skin without harming even a sensitive skin.

  3. Many use baking soda to clean their skin. Baking soda has an excellent ability to remove oil from your facial skin.

  4. Steaming your face regularly at least once a week, clears your pores from clogging and hence keeping infections away.

  5. Mixing normal face soap with corn meal or oatmeal and rubbing your face with it and rinsing off is also a good method for exfoliation.

Please return for many more home remedies for clear skin which will be updated regularly. If you know some more tips for clear skin please feel free to list them in the comments for the benefit of the readers. If those tips are good to have a clear skin, they will be included in the main section. We hope that the steps and tips to get healthy clean skin listed above are helpful to you

Monday, April 13, 2009

Why Natural Beauty Skin Care Is Important

You have to use skin care products for quite a few different reasons. You have to use skin care creams to protect your skin which is the largest organ of your body and very important organ which prevents microorganisms from invading. You have to protect your skin from infectious diseases like bacteria and yeast infections. You have to protect your skin from metabolic diseases. You have to protect your skin from diseases caused by pollution both air and water. You have to protect your skin from harmful rays from sun.

You have to keep your skin glowing and healthy. There are different kinds of skin, like oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin. Depending upon the skin type you have o take care of your skin and keep it healthy and soft. If you have a very sensitive skin you have to protect it from allergens which causes you skin to react immediately causing it to irritate and become red. You have to take care of your oily skin and prevent clogging of the pores and becoming a breeding ground to infectious bacteria and fungi. You have to protect your skin if you have a dry skin from losing its moisture and become hard, scaly, and irritating.

Most importantly if you are a woman you have to keep your skin looking soft, smooth, glowing, and young. Attractive skin tone is very important for continuing to be an attractive woman. You have to stop wrinkles from appearing and make you look old.

Apart from all the above reasons, you have also need to get rid of the scars left by acne and other infections and other skin wounds.

For all the reasons given above you have to have a good beauty skin care regime. But the problem with modern skin care creams and protective lotions is, they often do more damage with their harsh chemicals. When you use skin creams with harsh chemicals, you not only injury your skin but also injure your health as a whole.

It is a known fact that your skin is a good absorber. It is for this reason that there are medications nowadays which are given through transdermally that is through skin patches. Skin absorbs chemicals and if there are harsh chemicals in the beauty skin creams then these are absorbed through the skin into the deeper layers and into the blood injury the deeper layers of the skin and sometimes may cause more damage by seeping into the blood.

It is for this reason why beauty skin care products produced using natural ingredients like herbs and essential oils combined with natural carrier agents, preservatives etc is recommended to be used to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products

When it comes to skin care, there are thousands of products available both online and in the local market. But who to choose the right product which is suitable to your skin’s needs.

There are different types of skin care products available in the market. There are skin cleansers, moisturizers, sun-screen creams, body firming creams, anti-aging creams, body skin firming creams, skin firming creams for eyes, creams for the neck area, skin creams for the face, creams for stretch marks, creams to remove scars, creams to get rid of fungus, acne care creams, cellulite creams, micro dermabrasion creams, body scrubs, and many more.

The first thing you have to keep in mind while buying skin care products is the type of our skin. Choose the product depending on your skin type. Dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin are some of the skin types. You have to know whether that product is suitable for you skin.

There are few products which everyone would need like skin cleansers, moisturizers, sun screens, etc. Apart from that there are creams and lotions developed for use of specific areas like hand creams, neck creams, and creams to be used near the eyes.

You have to know whether you need a separate skin cream for your hands depending on the type of your skin of your hands you can choose the product. I know a person with normal skin type but very sensitive skin of her hands. So she uses a very mild hand lotion.

I short you have to keep in mind the type of your skin and the part of your body which needs specific treatment. In addition you have to know what kind of skin abnormalities or disease you have and what are best kind of skin care solutions available in the market for these conditions.

Keeping the tips in mind you can choose the best skin care products your skin needs. Other than those, you also can choose from natural skin care products and the products which use chemicals depending on your preference.

Great Tips For Sensitive Skin Care

It is very difficult to take care of sensitive skin because most of the skin care creams and lotions with chemicals in them do tend to react with your skin badly causing a lot of itching, redness, and dryness to your skin.

Sensitive Skin:

A sensitive skin is a thin skin or a skin with fine texture which reacts readily in cold and hot weather. It reacts to extremely cold and hot weather and suffers from wind burns and hot burns very easily. Sensitive skin is also very delicate and quite easily gets allergic reactions.

The sensitive skin is so delicate that it reacts to changes in the temperature, topical alcohol usage, detergents, and cosmetics. I know a person who uses gloves even while cooking. Her skin develops redness even to the mild cleaning liquids and few drops of lemon juice.

If you are having a sensitive skin, you probably would be taking care of it already. Here are few more tips for you which if not already followed can be practices henceforth.

Tips For Sensitive Skin Care

First you should know that skin care and acne care creams which use a lot of harsh chemicals and potential allergens would do a lot of damage to your skin and hence it would be prudent to use mild herbal skin care creams

But if you are already using skin cream comfortably make sure that you don’t change them unless necessary. Know that though most the people have sensitive skin because of the genetics but prolonged usage of harsh chemicals on your skin can also make it sensitive.

Due to the sensitiveness of the skin to sun, you have to regularly use sun-screen lotions and creams. Fragrance mixed with the cream has a tendency to give an allergic reaction to sensitive skin so select skin care products which are devoid of allergens and fragrance. There are ingredients in skin creams and lotions which are know to cause allergic reactions to skins. Choose a product which does not use these ingredients.

The facial skin is more sensitive and should not be pounded with a lot of skin care creams on it. Use that soft skin cream which you are already using and if not choose some natural product for sensitive skin care.

A lot of cleaning and washing your face can also irritate the skin by removal the protective moisturizing layer. While using a skin cleanser make sure that you use a mild cleanser which is very effective to your skin type. Use baby soap to wash your face and keep a soft towel to dry your skin.

Using water and mineral based makeup is recommended to sensitive skin. Water and mineral based makeup do not use a lot of chemical like oil based makeup and will not be very harsh on your sensitive skin. Most of the natural makeup products are water and mineral based and do not use any harsh chemicals. Use them.

While using a new makeup, skin cream, or perfume use them at the back of your ear first to see whether you skin is allergic to them. It takes at least one day to know the reaction of your skin to these products.

Using skin scrubs can irritate your sensitive skin. Use a skin scrub product which contains salicylic acid for exfoliating your skin removing dead cells. This type of scrub is milder and can give the best exfoliation without irritating your skin.

Sensitive skin is very delicate and reactive when astringent is used and so avoid this.

Hope these tips for sensitive skin care will be useful you to.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking Young Is Not Enough You Have To Feel Young – Anti Aging Supplements

The look of the skin of course determines how old you look. Apart from this outside appearance, aging also affects how you feel inside. There are two different aspects to this feeling inside. The first one depends on your mental makeup, that how you feel about yourself. Let us consider your biological age is 50 years now and how do you feel inside. Do you feel 50 years young or 50 years of old? The other aspect of inside feeling is something called proprioception which is sense of position movement of your body parts. Does your body support your sense of youthfulness?

Anti- Aging Supplements should support all of these three different aspects of youthfulness. Your mind, body, and skin in this precise order should feel young for you to remain young. Anti aging supplements should support your skin care, it should support your body, and your mind.

Aging is a natural process but you can slow down aging successfully. We always see people who are in their 70s and 80s but still who don’t perceive them as old. They may look old to our eyes but our brain refuses to accept them as old. The first quality which makes these people look younger is their passion to life. Without passion and forward looking attitude all with goals to be achieved, you cannot feel younger. What is the use if you don’t feel as younger as you look?

There are many reasons for this feeling and looking young, one of them is the nutrition. This post is only about anti-aging supplements. You have to stop ingesting junk food into your system which makes your body sick and old.

Anti Aging Nutritional Supplements

The anti aging supplements are in great demand now. These supplements provide your body both the required amount of natural nutrition with mineral, vitamins and proteins etc to keep body healthy and also the supplements with hormones and vital elements which the body stops producing once you start aging.

Taking anti aging supplements is only a part of the process of looking younger. You need to have a passionate and purposeful life. And don’t forget your skin care.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Importance Of Best Eye Creams For Your Skin Care

A complete skin care does require you to care for the skin around your eyes. The eye skin care is different from the skin care you normally take because of the sensitiveness of the skin which is present around your eyes and the eye lashes. It is not a simple task. The eye wrinkles, the dark circles, the puffy eyes are in fact make you look older than your actual age.

There are many types of eye skin creams available to take care of only the skin around the eyes. The best eye creams are available in the market now, these are more mild skin care creams keeping in mind the sensitiveness of the area they are going to be used for. These eye creams are also called as dark circle creams, eye wrinkle creams etc.

I once again would prefer a natural eye cream from that of chemical based because of the same reasons why I would prefer a normal skin care cream to be organic origin. The strain and stress of your lifestyle, the amount of time you spend under direct sun light, the amount of dehydration every thing which affects your skin and make you look older acts on the skin around the eyes first.

You have to be more careful in selecting these eye creams more than you would actually be while selecting a normal skin care cream or an anti-aging cream. Keeping in mind that skin actually absorbs chemicals and the fact that the skin around the eye is thinner with a larger number of blood vessels, you have to go through the ingredients present to select some thing which will not be harsh on your skin.

My own personal favorite is a company (I do not want to advertise) which normally use mild organic nature ingredients to manufacture all their beauty, skin care, and anti aging products. With their habit of making mild and effective skin care creams and lotions they also produced an effective natural eye cream with vitamin K which the skin around my eyes loves.

The Importance Of Systematic Approach To Skin Care

Anti-aging skin creams are actually creams which protect your skin from environmental and metabolic influences which make it look aged. You should actually need to follow a guide or a system to make your skin care and anti-aging treatment work effective.

Like any task you undertake, to be more effective you have to define goals for your skin care you are starting it or you are already following a skin care procedure regularly. This procedure should be as simple as your activities of daily living to make this system more of a simple happy that you carry on everyday.

Tips To Pursue An Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen

Everyone knows that drinking enough water I am not using the word plenty because there are people who over hydrated themselves by drinking water so that they fell sick because of that. You have to know the optimal amount of water you need to drink everyday, and make it a habit you follow regularly. This small habit not only keep you well hydrated and moisturize your skin, but is an excellent habit to keep your skin younger.

This way with a small habit you can keep your skin look healthy and young. You also have to get rid of some of the small habits which make you look older. Stop drinking regular coffee. Stop drinking soft drinks like coke.

Protecting your skin from harmful rays coming from the sun is very important to keep your skin healthy. To do this you can use sun screens following the guide given by the manufacturer strictly and not overdoing this. This indeed should also become a small habit.

Making small changes in your diet can also make your skin look younger. This small habit of maintaining good diet that is a diet filled with green vegetables makes your skin look younger. This is also once again a small habit you need develop to keep yourself younger.You have to develop these habits before effectively using a anti-aging skin cream to have an effective skin care anti aging regimen

The Secrets Of Anti-Aging Creams

belongs to a rather emotion need of the person to look younger than his age. Cosmetic surgery a branch of plastic surgery is also falls into the same realm of creating a hope in the person of looking great at a give point of time and in future if possible.

Manufactures know that this is an extremely emotional subject and hence people will be ready to dole out thousands of dollars to look younger and better. They also know how to bring out this emotion, this hope, and make them act. This they do by advertising their products as something which can give you hope of looking. Just by giving hope rather than results these companies can may thousands of dollars.

It is also true that most of these products do not actually make you younger or prettier and that is the reason why thousands of new products hit the stands every year. By the time, you know that these creams actually fail in producing the results which you want to give; the companies would have made good profit and is ready to market their brand new beauty cream.

Almost all of the beauty creams and anti-aging creams fulfill their duty of giving you hope to look younger and better, they are produced in the first place to fulfill that task. This is the reason why companies invest more in advertising than the product themselves. It is easy to sell the hope than the product. Having said that, I would also like to say if your desire is reasonable, there are umpteen numbers of creams which can actually work to make your skin look healthier, softer, and glowing hence making you looking younger than your age.

Buy anti-aging creams and other skin care products with reasonable expectations; do not buy what the company sells you which is just “hope”. If your needs are reasonable like a forty year old woman wanting look like a thirty but not twenty.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Organic Natural Skin Care Products are Best

By Guest Author: Leila Sharma

We all know that medications are given orally, intravenously, and also through skin patches and hence we also know that skin is a good absorbent. This is why skin creams and lotions which use harsh chemicals are injurious not only to your skin but also your overall health.
The big companies with their millions of advertisement dollars are able to influence us to believe their products are great and are with no side effects. This they achieve by bombarding us with continuous advertisements everywhere from television, to internet, newspapers, hoardings, and etc using models with great looking skin (most of that skin is covered with makeup) that seldom use their skin care products.

Worse, they tend to hypnotize us into believing that using their products actually improves your status in the society. This they actually achieve by their continuous advertising and as a result our conscious or subconscious mind seldom store any other type of skin care products like natural organic skin care products.

I know that it is hard to come out of this type of hypnotism and select a product which actually good for me and many times I failed to buy that natural organic product on the selves of the local stores because of my habit of routinely buying the chemical based products. To get out of this habit (habits are hard to change however small they may be) I brought a couple of organic skin care lotions and creams and tried them consciously as if I am into a project or experiment.
That experiment resulted into a long term association and usage of not only natural organic skin care products but also other beauty care range. This lead to even trying homemade skin care products using natural essential oils and other herbal raw materials successfully.