Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Do I Think Organic Moisturizer Is Best

People often ask me to say what moisturizer type I would call best moisturizer. For me like many other skin care products, moisturizer with no hard chemical ingredients in it is a best moisturizer. Moisturization is caused by water not chemicals and other ingredients are used to retain the moisturizing affect and taking care of general skin care. Therefore the main task of a moisturizer is to maintain adequate mositure content in the skin. You don't have to be unfair to your skin using products with chemicals just to maintain the water content of your skin..

Skin care with moisturizers also come with additional benefits containing ingredients for proper growth of the collagen and elastin keeping your skin young and firm. Moisturizer which can protect you from free radicals that are generated by exposure to sun due to the ultraviolet rays. Hence with these qualities a simple act of using moiturizer can work as anti-aging skin care.

Oil is used in moisturizers to retain the moisture it them and in the skin after their usage. But when you have an oily skin which at the first place produces more oil using a moisturizer which has less oil content and more of water based creams. White you need to used water based moisturizers for oily skin, a dry skin needs moisturizer with more oil content as it lacks the natural capacity to retain moisture. Like you can get suitable moisturizers with balanced ingredients to sensitive red skin and quite a normal skin.

Though they have extra benefits, moisturizers' main task is to keep your skin moisturized and hence using one with harsh chemicals in it is not wise. For this reason, there are many natural organic based are available and are considered the best type of moisturizers. The natural organic moisturizers contain natural ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, avocado oil, babussa oil and more.

Many friends of mine who are beauticians and skin care experts not only recommend natural organic moisturizers and skin care products, they are slowly replacing the chemical based skin care products with these for their personal use.

The Best Way To Use Moisturizers

Using moisturizers is one of the important routines of skin care to maintain a young and glowing skin, but what is the best way to use moisturizers and which are the areas of primary importance for moisturization. It is important to know why and when to use moisturizer and when using it is prudent to know the quantity and the quality you need to used. Over using moisturizer even on a dry skin often results in dust particles adhering to the skin and clogging the sweat pores resulting in infections.

The areas you need to concentrate while skin care are generally your foreheads, nose, and cheeks. These areas would either be more oily or dry than other parts of your face depending on the skin type you have.

Using body lotions with moisturizing effects to the entire body is okay, but with regards to your face you need to take care of moisturizing it by selecting the suitable type and brand of moisturizer depending on your skin type and your skin condition. For examples there are moisturisers available for red and sensitive skin with soothing effects and ingredients suitable for very sensitive skin. You should also know that you cannot use heavy moisturizer meant for dry skins on sensitive skin type.

You need to know what is the correct quantity of moisturizer to be used as moisturizer usage changes with seasons as oily skin tend to become dry in winter and needs a different moisturizer from that used in summer months. This is true with other type of skins. Even the normal skin becomes dry in winter months.

So the best way to use a moisturizer is to know your skin type first and know how your skin feels in different seasons. Accordingly you can properly use moisturizer depending on what your skin actually demands generally depending on its type and particularly on the seasonal changes.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Skin Care Lotions

Regular usage of body lotions is one of the important parts of the skin care regime. Lotions are used for better nourishment of the skin and are available specifically designed to suit different types of skin like normal, dry, and oily skin. Lotions are basically skin care preparations which are very thin to medium thick in viscosity while creams are thick in viscosity.

Lotions seldom contain medicinal properties in them unless specifically mentioned. Lotions are used mainly for nourishment and softening of the skin giving it a glow. There are also lotions which can be used by people with any type of skin after bath and are popularly know as bath lotions.

Other than normal lotions which are used just for softening and nourishing the skin there are also lotions which act like delivery system for medicines such as anti acne agents which are popularly known as anti acne lotions, antibiotics, antiseptics etc. Lotions are also used in massage therapy.

It is very important to know your need and type of your skin before selecting the lotion you want to buy.

Types Of Skin Care Body Lotions.

Bath Lotion
Bath lotions are essentially used after taking bath or shower. Bath lotions are also available with medicinal properties if you require so. These bath lotions replace essential oils and keep the skin smooth and glowing. Bath lotions are helps in preserve the skin moisture. Applying bath lotion with a slight massaging effect after taking bath removes the wrinkles which formed after being in or under water for a long time. The slight massaging effect to the skin also energies the skin and makes it glow.

Body Lotion
Body lotions are used for the whole body and are popular for their nourishing effect and aromatherapy benefits with scented body lotions. These body lotions also come with sunscreen properties. There are also anti-aging body lotions available in the market. People with dry skin love the immediate moisturizing effect which the dry skin body lotion provides and also the aromatherapy and refreshing effect s that the scented body lotions provides.

Hand Lotion
Hand lotions are specifically designed for the regular usage for providing instant relief to the working hands. Continuous working sometimes makes the hands dry and also the skin strained. Prolonged usage of water gives your hands wrinkle. Using your hands on hard surfaces and lifting heavy objects makes your hand dry and the skin stressed. Hand lotions are used for moisturizing and massage effect to the hands and glowing of the skin. Using hand lotions after continuous physical work like gardening, cooking, painting, cleaning, washing, etc is important part of the skin care of your hands

Baby Lotion
As the name suggest, this type of lotions are prepared carefully for the delicate skin of the babies. Baby lotions are prepared using natural organic ingredients keeping in mind the delicate skin of the baby. Baby lotions are also used by people with delicate sensitive skin and parts of the body where the skin is delicate.

Tanning Lotion The Most Popular Lotion
Body lotions also come with sunscreen to protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the skin. These body lotions are generally used after swimming. In contrast tanning lotions contains ingredients which increase the effect of ultraviolet light and ingredients which produce melanin. There are indoor tanning lotions lotions which are used indoors as they do not protect you from the harmful rays from the sun and usually works by producing more melanin.

Body Lotion Dispensers and Applicators

With the craze for body lotions increasing, dispensers and applicators for better application of lotions are available in market in various forms and prices. If possible chose a personally a dispenser which design seems to be quite suitable for your needs. Most often people buy these type of accessories in a hurry, that they seldom use these after buying.

Tanning lotions are popular because of the desire to change the color of the pale looking skin into deep dark tan. Traditionally, people used to take to the beaches for the tanning effect of the sun rays but as the sun rays are also harmful for the skin, indoor tanning creams have become popular in the modern days. Before using these lotions it is prudent to have enough knowledge about these lotions. You can visit indoor tanning lotion guide for more information and guidance about these lotions.