Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking Young Is Not Enough You Have To Feel Young – Anti Aging Supplements

The look of the skin of course determines how old you look. Apart from this outside appearance, aging also affects how you feel inside. There are two different aspects to this feeling inside. The first one depends on your mental makeup, that how you feel about yourself. Let us consider your biological age is 50 years now and how do you feel inside. Do you feel 50 years young or 50 years of old? The other aspect of inside feeling is something called proprioception which is sense of position movement of your body parts. Does your body support your sense of youthfulness?

Anti- Aging Supplements should support all of these three different aspects of youthfulness. Your mind, body, and skin in this precise order should feel young for you to remain young. Anti aging supplements should support your skin care, it should support your body, and your mind.

Aging is a natural process but you can slow down aging successfully. We always see people who are in their 70s and 80s but still who don’t perceive them as old. They may look old to our eyes but our brain refuses to accept them as old. The first quality which makes these people look younger is their passion to life. Without passion and forward looking attitude all with goals to be achieved, you cannot feel younger. What is the use if you don’t feel as younger as you look?

There are many reasons for this feeling and looking young, one of them is the nutrition. This post is only about anti-aging supplements. You have to stop ingesting junk food into your system which makes your body sick and old.

Anti Aging Nutritional Supplements

The anti aging supplements are in great demand now. These supplements provide your body both the required amount of natural nutrition with mineral, vitamins and proteins etc to keep body healthy and also the supplements with hormones and vital elements which the body stops producing once you start aging.

Taking anti aging supplements is only a part of the process of looking younger. You need to have a passionate and purposeful life. And don’t forget your skin care.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Importance Of Best Eye Creams For Your Skin Care

A complete skin care does require you to care for the skin around your eyes. The eye skin care is different from the skin care you normally take because of the sensitiveness of the skin which is present around your eyes and the eye lashes. It is not a simple task. The eye wrinkles, the dark circles, the puffy eyes are in fact make you look older than your actual age.

There are many types of eye skin creams available to take care of only the skin around the eyes. The best eye creams are available in the market now, these are more mild skin care creams keeping in mind the sensitiveness of the area they are going to be used for. These eye creams are also called as dark circle creams, eye wrinkle creams etc.

I once again would prefer a natural eye cream from that of chemical based because of the same reasons why I would prefer a normal skin care cream to be organic origin. The strain and stress of your lifestyle, the amount of time you spend under direct sun light, the amount of dehydration every thing which affects your skin and make you look older acts on the skin around the eyes first.

You have to be more careful in selecting these eye creams more than you would actually be while selecting a normal skin care cream or an anti-aging cream. Keeping in mind that skin actually absorbs chemicals and the fact that the skin around the eye is thinner with a larger number of blood vessels, you have to go through the ingredients present to select some thing which will not be harsh on your skin.

My own personal favorite is a company (I do not want to advertise) which normally use mild organic nature ingredients to manufacture all their beauty, skin care, and anti aging products. With their habit of making mild and effective skin care creams and lotions they also produced an effective natural eye cream with vitamin K which the skin around my eyes loves.

The Importance Of Systematic Approach To Skin Care

Anti-aging skin creams are actually creams which protect your skin from environmental and metabolic influences which make it look aged. You should actually need to follow a guide or a system to make your skin care and anti-aging treatment work effective.

Like any task you undertake, to be more effective you have to define goals for your skin care you are starting it or you are already following a skin care procedure regularly. This procedure should be as simple as your activities of daily living to make this system more of a simple happy that you carry on everyday.

Tips To Pursue An Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen

Everyone knows that drinking enough water I am not using the word plenty because there are people who over hydrated themselves by drinking water so that they fell sick because of that. You have to know the optimal amount of water you need to drink everyday, and make it a habit you follow regularly. This small habit not only keep you well hydrated and moisturize your skin, but is an excellent habit to keep your skin younger.

This way with a small habit you can keep your skin look healthy and young. You also have to get rid of some of the small habits which make you look older. Stop drinking regular coffee. Stop drinking soft drinks like coke.

Protecting your skin from harmful rays coming from the sun is very important to keep your skin healthy. To do this you can use sun screens following the guide given by the manufacturer strictly and not overdoing this. This indeed should also become a small habit.

Making small changes in your diet can also make your skin look younger. This small habit of maintaining good diet that is a diet filled with green vegetables makes your skin look younger. This is also once again a small habit you need develop to keep yourself younger.You have to develop these habits before effectively using a anti-aging skin cream to have an effective skin care anti aging regimen

The Secrets Of Anti-Aging Creams

belongs to a rather emotion need of the person to look younger than his age. Cosmetic surgery a branch of plastic surgery is also falls into the same realm of creating a hope in the person of looking great at a give point of time and in future if possible.

Manufactures know that this is an extremely emotional subject and hence people will be ready to dole out thousands of dollars to look younger and better. They also know how to bring out this emotion, this hope, and make them act. This they do by advertising their products as something which can give you hope of looking. Just by giving hope rather than results these companies can may thousands of dollars.

It is also true that most of these products do not actually make you younger or prettier and that is the reason why thousands of new products hit the stands every year. By the time, you know that these creams actually fail in producing the results which you want to give; the companies would have made good profit and is ready to market their brand new beauty cream.

Almost all of the beauty creams and anti-aging creams fulfill their duty of giving you hope to look younger and better, they are produced in the first place to fulfill that task. This is the reason why companies invest more in advertising than the product themselves. It is easy to sell the hope than the product. Having said that, I would also like to say if your desire is reasonable, there are umpteen numbers of creams which can actually work to make your skin look healthier, softer, and glowing hence making you looking younger than your age.

Buy anti-aging creams and other skin care products with reasonable expectations; do not buy what the company sells you which is just “hope”. If your needs are reasonable like a forty year old woman wanting look like a thirty but not twenty.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Organic Natural Skin Care Products are Best

By Guest Author: Leila Sharma

We all know that medications are given orally, intravenously, and also through skin patches and hence we also know that skin is a good absorbent. This is why skin creams and lotions which use harsh chemicals are injurious not only to your skin but also your overall health.
The big companies with their millions of advertisement dollars are able to influence us to believe their products are great and are with no side effects. This they achieve by bombarding us with continuous advertisements everywhere from television, to internet, newspapers, hoardings, and etc using models with great looking skin (most of that skin is covered with makeup) that seldom use their skin care products.

Worse, they tend to hypnotize us into believing that using their products actually improves your status in the society. This they actually achieve by their continuous advertising and as a result our conscious or subconscious mind seldom store any other type of skin care products like natural organic skin care products.

I know that it is hard to come out of this type of hypnotism and select a product which actually good for me and many times I failed to buy that natural organic product on the selves of the local stores because of my habit of routinely buying the chemical based products. To get out of this habit (habits are hard to change however small they may be) I brought a couple of organic skin care lotions and creams and tried them consciously as if I am into a project or experiment.
That experiment resulted into a long term association and usage of not only natural organic skin care products but also other beauty care range. This lead to even trying homemade skin care products using natural essential oils and other herbal raw materials successfully.