Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Japanese Skin Care Tips

Everyone wants to know about the secrets of Japanese skin care because of the youthful skin complexion and texture of the skin. We rarely meet a Japanese person with dull dry skin. What are the skin care regimen do they follow to keep their skin so clear and youthful. Whether they take care of their skin or just they have the genes which take care of their skin’s health for them.

I suppose that they do not have genetically superior skin quality because they do have of the range of skin care products they manufacture and market. If the secrete of their skin is the products they produce and use, then what are the secrets of their products. One more important part of skin care is the nutrition. Is there any secret in their dietary habits which make their skin have a healthy glow.

It is hard to say whether their have superior skin quality naturally as a race or this is due to the traditional skin care regime they followed thousands of years. Their dietary habits also help them to keep their skin flawless. As for their skin products are concerned, they use very expensive and effective ingredients in their skin care products. They are able to use these expensive ingredients as these are naturally available in Japan and are cheap.

We all know that diet and lifestyle plays an important role in keeping the skin healthy and youthful. Japanese eat high fiber foods including vegetables, fish, rice and many types of sea foods. Their diets are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. They also consume lot of nuts and seeds which are known to be very beneficial for the beauty of the skin.

The age old Japanese homemade skincare regime they follow also plays an important role in keeping their skin healthy. For exfoliation they use rice barn with adzuki beans. They also use clays rich in minerals, herbs powder and dried sea vegetables powder very effectively. For moisturization Japanese use jojoba oil and camellia oil along with apple cider vinegar.

Consumption of herbal teas which are famous in Japan is also an important part of their skincare regimen. Most importantly, seaweed called Wakame kelp which is part of their diet is responsible for their flawless skin. Today extract from Wakame is widely and effectively used in lotions for skincare.

These are the secrets of Japanese skincare helping them to have such a youthful and flawless skin everyone in other parts of the world is crazy about


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  2. Yes, agree with you. These tips are more valuable. thanks for sharing

    Consumption of herbal teas which are famous in Japan is also an important part of their skincare regimen - good information. I know some are still not giving high attention for herbal products