Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Pimples Fast

Acne and pimples are petty much the same. Acne is the medical term for pimple. Though both are same, pimple is commonly referred to occasionally appearance one or two solitary acne rather than a chronic problem. Because pimple is rather considered a simple problem unlike acne, the treatment to get rid of pimple is easy and different from that of acne.

Here is the steps you need to take to get pimples easily.

Stop! Don’t Pop Or Poke The Pimple

Pimple appears as a small bump at first and within a day it matures and become larger where you can see yellow pus appearing at the tip growing fast in size. You need to wait till the puss gets accumulated enough to a point where you feel pressure and know that the pimple is going to break open to release the pus. Do not… I repeat… do not poke to pus prematurely before the pus accumulates fully. Premature poking or squeezing of the pimple leads to further infection then though you got rid of the pimple you end up having a bad scar.

Control Pain and Infection:

Due to the infection and swelling and redness, there will be pain. You can use ice packs every half an hour holding it to about five minutes gives good relief and the swelling goes down.

Use Concealer To Cover The Pimple
Before getting rid of the pimple if you need to go out, use a flesh colored concealer.

Washing Your Face With Pimple Present

When there is a pimple present still not matured, you should take care not to accidentally rup and rupture the pimple while washing the face. You a soft anti acne soap and use a soft towel just patting on your face to remove the water.

Oil-Free Makeup When Pimple Is Present

Use oil free make up. Use anti-acne cleanser while removing the make up.

The steps given above will help you to control the pimple and live with it till it matures enough to break open. Place a Band-Aid on it when you feel that it is going to break. You can know the time of breakage with the pressure on your pimple and increased pain. The pain and pressure disappears once the pus comes out. Using a Band-aid will control the spreading of the infection due to pus. You can also speed up the process with a small surgical procedure to get rid of the pimple easily within a day.

The Easy Procedure To Get Rid of Pimple Immediately

To do this you have to wash your hands and face thoroughly. Take a sewing needle, surgical cotton or gauze, pure alcohol or what is called surgical spirit, and Band-aid to cover the pimple.

After washing your hands and face thoroughly, dry your face by patting your face with soft, dry and clean towel. Then apply a little rubbing alcohol on the pimple and dip the needle entirely into the alcohol solution. Let your fingers also get some alcohol on them.

Now slowly pinch the yellowish white part of the pimple a little. Take two pieces of surgical cotton or gauze and squeeze the pimple, the pus starts poring out wipe out the push using the cotton and continue squeezing till colorless liquid starts coming out tingled slightly with some blood. Wipe the pimple with surgical cotton dipped in the spirit. Now apply the band-aid to the pimple. Within a day the pimple will disappear.

This is the method which I applied to get rid of occasional pimple successfully. This is not a medical advice.

How To Get Clear Skin

To have a clear skin you have to follow a skin care regime that includes general skin care, specific skin care depending on your skin type, and skin care treating blemishes whatsoever you happen to develop.

As a general skin care for clear skin you have to follow the steps given here regularly.

  1. To make your skin breathe easily, you need to wash your face regularly especially immediately after getting out of bed and before going to bed. Depending on you skin type and weather conditions, you have to wash your face immediately when you feel that your skin is struggling to breathe. Washing your skin especially the exposed part is important part of general skin care. The number of times you wash your skin depends on the weather conditions, pollution, your working conditions etc but see that your skin breathes easily always

  2. Applying sunscreen especially when you have a light colored skin is important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays which can damage your skin. Using a moisturizer with SPF in it. SPF is degree of sunscreen protecting the skin from the direct sun rays. See to it that the moisturizer contains SPF of 15 or more especially if you have a light colored skin.

  3. Select a skin cleanser for regular usage with your skin type in mind. Gel type of cleanser is good for combination skin and normal skin types. For dry skin or a sensitive skin go for cream based cleanser.

  4. Picking and poking the pimples and squeezing them will result in greater damage and ugly scar. Avoid any type of poking or squeezing though you feel like doing it.

  5. Very importantly to have a clear skin, you need to have good night’s sleep at least eight hours a day. Stress is one of the major factors which are responsible for aging of the skin. Good sleep does help in managing stress.

Best Ways To Help Your Skin Become Clear

A healthy body is very important to have a healthy clear skin. If you are suffering from ill health no amount of skin care will make your skin look healthy. So regular exercise, healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle is very important to have a clear skin.

When you buy make-up removing kits for clear skin make sure you buy them for your skin type. Buying a reliable product when taking care of your skin is very important because sensitive skin reacts very badly when something is applied which it hates to have on it. Do not go for cheaper unreliable products, they may do more harm to your skin than any good.

Washing your face with clean and warm water is always good. Make sure you don’t use hard soaps if you have dry and sensitive skin. Washing your face with warm water before and using a cleanser and toner and moisturizer before applying make up is one good step to keep your skin clean. Similarly, after removing your make up, use toner and moisturizer.

More Tips For Clear Skin

  1. Keeping your hair clean and clear from dandruff and excessively oily to prevent your facial skin from becoming oil and develop acne.

  2. If you have dry skin exfoliate your skin once a week and for oily skin twice a week.

  3. Breaking into sweat will help your skin pores open up and clear your skin.

  4. Keep your makeup tools like brushes and sponges clean.

  5. Treat your face with mud pack once a week to relax the skin.

Home Remedies For Clear Skin

  1. Watch What You Eat: Like any other part of your body your skin also needs good food to be and look healthy. People with healthy eating habits are known to have smooth, soft, and healthy skin than those who harm their bodies by indulging in junk food and heavy alcohol. Eat a log of fruits and vegetables. In addition, hydrating your skin is very important for its health and softness, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

  2. For exfoliation of your skin you can use oatmeal mixed with water. Buy slowly scrubbing your skin you can remove dead skin without harming even a sensitive skin.

  3. Many use baking soda to clean their skin. Baking soda has an excellent ability to remove oil from your facial skin.

  4. Steaming your face regularly at least once a week, clears your pores from clogging and hence keeping infections away.

  5. Mixing normal face soap with corn meal or oatmeal and rubbing your face with it and rinsing off is also a good method for exfoliation.

Please return for many more home remedies for clear skin which will be updated regularly. If you know some more tips for clear skin please feel free to list them in the comments for the benefit of the readers. If those tips are good to have a clear skin, they will be included in the main section. We hope that the steps and tips to get healthy clean skin listed above are helpful to you