Friday, August 7, 2009

Acne Skin Care Is Different

The regimen one would use to care for an acne prone skin is different from normal skin care. Cleansing method of different types of skin depends on the demands of the skin type. And when you are suffering from acne, you skin care especially facial skin care always should be different from that of your friend who seldom suffers from acne.

As sweating leaves your skin most and oily, you need to wash your face immediately using gentle soap. This should be done immediately after sweating to stop clogging of pores due to the dust which settles easily on oily skin after sweating and oil production.

While washing your face you need be as gentle as if washing your new born baby. You should not uses any harsh soaps or scrubs on your face. Using your hands, especially fingers to wash your face. Using warm water helps the pores to open up and get rid of the dust particles easily. After washing your face, use the same warm water to rinse the face. If you have oily face, normally you also have oily scalp with oily hair. Shampoo regularly to keep the hair soft and silky devoid of oil.

After washing your skin especially the facial skin, you need to use different skin care products from that of normal skin care. Like I said earlier, acne skin care should be as gentle as that of baby's skin. So avoid using skin creams which are greasy and that which contain harsh chemical. Do not use exfoliates and other abrasive agents which will increase the chances of acne. If you are undergoing treatment for acne, avoid using any type of skin cream other than that are prescribed by your dermatologist.

Everyone knows that picking or squeezing your pimple is not good for your acne skin care, but often we cannot resist the temptation to squeeze the pimple especially when pus is formed and trying to push it out. If you cannot stop the temptation to pick the acne, you need to follow the proper sterile methods to pop your pimple.

Acne skin care also demands that you wear makeup which is devoid of oily products. Makeup products which are natural and soft on your skin is recommended for acne prone skin. If you are having very sensitive acne skin, then the skin care is much important to be careful not to damage your skin exacerbating the acne problem.