Monday, April 13, 2009

Why Natural Beauty Skin Care Is Important

You have to use skin care products for quite a few different reasons. You have to use skin care creams to protect your skin which is the largest organ of your body and very important organ which prevents microorganisms from invading. You have to protect your skin from infectious diseases like bacteria and yeast infections. You have to protect your skin from metabolic diseases. You have to protect your skin from diseases caused by pollution both air and water. You have to protect your skin from harmful rays from sun.

You have to keep your skin glowing and healthy. There are different kinds of skin, like oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin. Depending upon the skin type you have o take care of your skin and keep it healthy and soft. If you have a very sensitive skin you have to protect it from allergens which causes you skin to react immediately causing it to irritate and become red. You have to take care of your oily skin and prevent clogging of the pores and becoming a breeding ground to infectious bacteria and fungi. You have to protect your skin if you have a dry skin from losing its moisture and become hard, scaly, and irritating.

Most importantly if you are a woman you have to keep your skin looking soft, smooth, glowing, and young. Attractive skin tone is very important for continuing to be an attractive woman. You have to stop wrinkles from appearing and make you look old.

Apart from all the above reasons, you have also need to get rid of the scars left by acne and other infections and other skin wounds.

For all the reasons given above you have to have a good beauty skin care regime. But the problem with modern skin care creams and protective lotions is, they often do more damage with their harsh chemicals. When you use skin creams with harsh chemicals, you not only injury your skin but also injure your health as a whole.

It is a known fact that your skin is a good absorber. It is for this reason that there are medications nowadays which are given through transdermally that is through skin patches. Skin absorbs chemicals and if there are harsh chemicals in the beauty skin creams then these are absorbed through the skin into the deeper layers and into the blood injury the deeper layers of the skin and sometimes may cause more damage by seeping into the blood.

It is for this reason why beauty skin care products produced using natural ingredients like herbs and essential oils combined with natural carrier agents, preservatives etc is recommended to be used to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

How to Choose the Right Skin Care Products

When it comes to skin care, there are thousands of products available both online and in the local market. But who to choose the right product which is suitable to your skin’s needs.

There are different types of skin care products available in the market. There are skin cleansers, moisturizers, sun-screen creams, body firming creams, anti-aging creams, body skin firming creams, skin firming creams for eyes, creams for the neck area, skin creams for the face, creams for stretch marks, creams to remove scars, creams to get rid of fungus, acne care creams, cellulite creams, micro dermabrasion creams, body scrubs, and many more.

The first thing you have to keep in mind while buying skin care products is the type of our skin. Choose the product depending on your skin type. Dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin are some of the skin types. You have to know whether that product is suitable for you skin.

There are few products which everyone would need like skin cleansers, moisturizers, sun screens, etc. Apart from that there are creams and lotions developed for use of specific areas like hand creams, neck creams, and creams to be used near the eyes.

You have to know whether you need a separate skin cream for your hands depending on the type of your skin of your hands you can choose the product. I know a person with normal skin type but very sensitive skin of her hands. So she uses a very mild hand lotion.

I short you have to keep in mind the type of your skin and the part of your body which needs specific treatment. In addition you have to know what kind of skin abnormalities or disease you have and what are best kind of skin care solutions available in the market for these conditions.

Keeping the tips in mind you can choose the best skin care products your skin needs. Other than those, you also can choose from natural skin care products and the products which use chemicals depending on your preference.

Great Tips For Sensitive Skin Care

It is very difficult to take care of sensitive skin because most of the skin care creams and lotions with chemicals in them do tend to react with your skin badly causing a lot of itching, redness, and dryness to your skin.

Sensitive Skin:

A sensitive skin is a thin skin or a skin with fine texture which reacts readily in cold and hot weather. It reacts to extremely cold and hot weather and suffers from wind burns and hot burns very easily. Sensitive skin is also very delicate and quite easily gets allergic reactions.

The sensitive skin is so delicate that it reacts to changes in the temperature, topical alcohol usage, detergents, and cosmetics. I know a person who uses gloves even while cooking. Her skin develops redness even to the mild cleaning liquids and few drops of lemon juice.

If you are having a sensitive skin, you probably would be taking care of it already. Here are few more tips for you which if not already followed can be practices henceforth.

Tips For Sensitive Skin Care

First you should know that skin care and acne care creams which use a lot of harsh chemicals and potential allergens would do a lot of damage to your skin and hence it would be prudent to use mild herbal skin care creams

But if you are already using skin cream comfortably make sure that you don’t change them unless necessary. Know that though most the people have sensitive skin because of the genetics but prolonged usage of harsh chemicals on your skin can also make it sensitive.

Due to the sensitiveness of the skin to sun, you have to regularly use sun-screen lotions and creams. Fragrance mixed with the cream has a tendency to give an allergic reaction to sensitive skin so select skin care products which are devoid of allergens and fragrance. There are ingredients in skin creams and lotions which are know to cause allergic reactions to skins. Choose a product which does not use these ingredients.

The facial skin is more sensitive and should not be pounded with a lot of skin care creams on it. Use that soft skin cream which you are already using and if not choose some natural product for sensitive skin care.

A lot of cleaning and washing your face can also irritate the skin by removal the protective moisturizing layer. While using a skin cleanser make sure that you use a mild cleanser which is very effective to your skin type. Use baby soap to wash your face and keep a soft towel to dry your skin.

Using water and mineral based makeup is recommended to sensitive skin. Water and mineral based makeup do not use a lot of chemical like oil based makeup and will not be very harsh on your sensitive skin. Most of the natural makeup products are water and mineral based and do not use any harsh chemicals. Use them.

While using a new makeup, skin cream, or perfume use them at the back of your ear first to see whether you skin is allergic to them. It takes at least one day to know the reaction of your skin to these products.

Using skin scrubs can irritate your sensitive skin. Use a skin scrub product which contains salicylic acid for exfoliating your skin removing dead cells. This type of scrub is milder and can give the best exfoliation without irritating your skin.

Sensitive skin is very delicate and reactive when astringent is used and so avoid this.

Hope these tips for sensitive skin care will be useful you to.