Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Easy Ways To Make Body Scrubs

Exfoliating is one of the major steps in skin care. Exfoliation removes the dead cells on the skin and rejuvenates the skin. While people generally use branded facial exfoliates or scrubs, it is easing to make body scrubs at home which are cost effective. There are many easy ways to make body scrubs and I would like to write about a few. As these scrubs are easy to make you can try all of them and stick to the one which is suitable to your type of skin.

A word of caution, if you have sensitive and dry skin, please take caution while using the type of the body scrub and the number of times you use it (typically body scrub can be used once or twice a week). Body scrubs are usually made with a mixture of coarse granules (for exfoliation) in a liquid or gel (benefiting in nursing and moisturizing). For easy home made body scrubs typically you need to have both of these ingredients. Apart from these two main ingredients you can use essential oils for fragrance which of course can have a great relaxing effect while using the scrub.

Making Body Scrubs at Home

Sea Salt: This is widely used and can be very cost effective. To make this scrub mix a one cup of finely ground sea salt with half a cup of almond oil. You can also add grated ginger and finely grated lime peel for more effective scrub.

Sugar Scrub: If you have dry and sensitive skin you can use sugar as a the main scrubbing material as sugar scrub deeply. Add half a cup of brown sugar to quarter cup of almond oil and use as a body scrub. You can also use olive oil as the carrier oil.

Coffee Scrub: You can make this scrub with a cup of finely ground coffee seeds using half a cup of yogurt as the carrier oil.

There are many other recipes to make body scrubs using many different scrubbing medium like oatmeal, corn meal, almond shells, and ground apricot pits. The carrier oils (liquid base) include olive oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oils or simple water or liquid soap. In addition to this moisturizers and other ingredients which nourish the skin are used in making body scrubs.